CQU No Dramas



Following his participation in the First Nations Creators Program, Jahvis Loveday was enlisted by CQ University to spearhead a research project focusing on youth health and justice. Over a four-week period, Jahvis collaborated with young actors to conduct workshops across central Queensland. Through open dialogues with local youth, he gained invaluable insights into the health and wellbeing information they desired. Utilizing platforms familiar to this demographic, like TikTok and Instagram Reels, Jahvis created short videos that resonate with young people. These videos, which address the specific concerns and needs of the youth, are available for viewing on the 'No Dramas' and 'Something Deadly' TikTok pages.


  • Funding

    • CQ University
  • Director

    • Jahvis Loveday
  • DOP

    • Jahvis Loveday